Thomas Albdorf: General View (Skinnerboox, 2017)

Thomas Albdorf was born in Linz, Upper Austria in 1982. His main interest focuses on photography and sculpture – in particular, the intersection area between both practices. “General View“ investigates conceptions of a new reality that continuously departs from the indexical referent towards an ever-changing rendering of a world that is yet still routed in the photographic image.

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Katja Stuke: Eleven to Liverpool Street (Böhm/Kobayashi, 2012)

This newspaper-style book by Katja Stuke shows large video portraits, taken during a busride in London in April 2009 on the Route 11 from ›World’s End‹ to ›Liverpool Street Station‹. You see – from an surveillance point of view – pedestrians and  bankers, and in the second part of the book – from a face-to-face perspective – portraits of (masked) protesters who stopped the traffic in the City of London with their Anti-G20-summit-demonstrations.

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Daido Moriyama: Tales of Tono (Tate/D.A.P., 2013)

First published in 1976, and taking its name from a collection of Japanese rural folk legends, Tales of Tono is a compact little volume composed of black-and-white photo diptychs and spreads that were shot in the countryside of northern Honshu, Japan. Faithfully reproducing the original edition, this book contains a text by the artist that offers the reader a typically honest and self-effacing account of Daido Moriyama’s thoughts about his practice.

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