Daido Moriyama: Takuno 1987

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Black & White, Classic, Photobook

First edition of Moriyama’s visual documentation of the port of Takuno, one of 1,500 copies, with 22 full-page high-contrast photogravures, signed by Moriyama in Kanji.



“Includes unpublished photographs taken when Moriyama visited Takuno in Shimane prefecture for visiting a grave in summer of 1987. A beautifully designed book including the photos, such as [an] elementary school in the village, the port, his parents’ home, a brook, and graveyards, etc., where quiet peculiar lyricism becomes lively.” (Sokyu-Sha)



“My underlying thought was to show how in the most common and everyday, in the world of the most normal people, in their most normal existence, there is something dramatic… This kind of chaotic everyday existence is what I think Japan is all about.” (Daido Moriyama)





Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.


  • Publisher:  Sokyu-Sha
  • First edition 2005
  • Tankobon Hardcover: 56 pages with 22 black and white plates
  • Designed by Koichi Hara, Takao Watanabe and En Yasuda
  • 1500 copies, signed by the artist

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