Tobias Zielony: Story/No Story

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Color, Contemporary, Photobook

Tobias Zielony was born in 1973 in Wuppertal, Germany. His critical aproach to social documentarism makes him one of the most discussed artists in contemporary german photography.


„Before his Los Angeles series, Zielony, had set out to portray young people all over the world, from Bristol, England and the eastern German city of Halle to Marseille on the French Mediterranean. What’s fascinating is that the results, compiled in the photo book Story/No Story, begin to blur together, with the protagonists becoming a global community of nocturnal youth, searching for meaning on the geographical and social fringes of their respective urban environments. Indeed, Zielony is highly aware of the cinematic quality of his images, though he insists that they evoke numerous possible narratives.“


„A sizable interview with Zielony by filmmaker Christian Petzold opens the final quarter of the book, printed in English and German. Though perhaps a little heavy in comments by Petzold, who frames the dialogue in the context of film, the interview adds considerable dimension to this work and is a valuable companion to the photographs. Zielony is a photographer who has spent much time thinking about the images he makes and in discussing aspects of his work touches on the sociological implications of what he captures and their relation to a larger global culture. It is a thoughtful book; both images and interview don’t just reward re-reading, but encourage it.“






“Juveniles mostly seek out utterly mundane, interchangeable places. But what produces these similarities? Is it the locations? Is it a certain attitude towards life or the social circumstances these kids live in? Or is it the things they consume: the music the films, or the clothes they buy?” (Tobias Zielony in Story/No Story)



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