Foam Magazine #40: After Araki

This 40th issue is dedicated to the life and legacy of Nobuyoshi Araki. It also presents a selection of contemporary Japanese photographers influenced or mentored by Araki.

Im Folgenden Ausschnitte aus den Portfolios von Mayumi Hosokura (, Emi Anrakuji ( und Momo Okabe (

# Mayumi Hosokura: All images from the series Crystal Love Starlight #

# Emi Anrakuji : All images from the series Ipy #

# Momo Okabe : All images from the series Bible #

Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.Foam_40_Araki

Foam Magazine #40: After Araki
Published December 2014
280 pages
Swiss bound
230 x 300 x 23 mm
1125 g / 1.13 kg

Contributing Writers:
Zippora Elders, Marcel Feil, Marc Feustel, Shigeo Goto, Russet Lederman, Ivan Vertanian

Contributing Photographers and Artists:
Emi Anrakuji, Nobuyoshi Araki, HIROMIX, Mayumi Hosokura, Azuma Makoto, Daifu Motoyuki, Momo Okabe, Nomura Sakiko, Lieko Shiga

You can pick up this issue here.


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