Mitch Epstein: State of the Union

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Color, Contemporary, Photobook

This publication examines the development of Epsteins oeuvre on the basis of two very different series of photographs (Recreation. American Photographs: 1973-1988 and American Power).


Menemsha I, Martha`s Vineyard, 1982

Menemsha I, Martha`s Vineyard, 1982


Mitch Epstein Sate of the Union-007

Ocean Warwick Oil Platform, Alabama, 2005


Recreation exemplifies traditional American street photography in its sometimes ironized depiction of everyday circumstances, where American Power critiques the energy industry and its interventions in nature in much bolder gestures–cooling towers and oil refineries dominate the picture frame, riding roughshod over all rules of proportion and dwarfing anything in their vicinity.” (


# All images from the series Recreation. American Photographs: 1973-1988 #


“My work is characterized by surprise. My pictures absorb what I experience and my surprises become part of the photograph and part of the viewer’s experience. I believe the power of art relies on a combination of technical skill, formal structure, content, and, more mysteriously, a kinetic energy that moves from the artist to the work and back out to the viewer.” (Mitch Epstein)


# All images from the series American Power #

Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.

Mitch Epstein Sate of the Union Neu

Mitch Epstein: State of the Union
Publisher: Hatje Cantz; Bilingual edition (2011)
Edited by Stephan Berg, Christoph Schreier
Texts by Stephan Berg, Gisela Parak, Christoph Schreier
Hardcover, 120 pages, 59 color


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