Ute und Werner Mahler: Werkschau

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Classic, Color, Photobook
Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler are two outstanding German photographers and have been a couple for 40 years; in East German times, they were among the stylistically most influential photographers in the East.

# Ute & Werner Mahler: All images from the series “Die seltsamen Tage #

Mahler Werkschau-003
Mahler Werkschau-004
Mahler Werkschau-005

“In 1990 everything was changing. Everything was new. Everything. We founded Ostkreuz as a means of survival, as well as to bring together a group of like-minded individuals. In those early days we had no idea how to run an agency.” (Ute Mahler)


# Ute & Werner Mahler: All images from the series Monalisen der Vorstädte #

Mahler Werkschau-006
Mahler Werkschau-007
Mahler Werkschau-008
Mahler Werkschau-009

“We saw – and see – ourselves as documentary photographers, with a subjective approach. I acknowledge the inherent contradiction but we believe there is no objectivity. Each photographer has his or her own individual language and approach. Our work is never posed or constructed. We have no illusions.” (Ute Mahler) http://www.goethe.de/ins/gb/lp/prj/mtg/men/kun/ost/enindex.htm


# Werner Mahler: All images from the series Obdachlose #

Mahler Werkschau-010
Mahler Werkschau-011
Mahler Werkschau-012
Mahler Werkschau-013
Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Publisher: http://www.artbooksheidelberg.de/html/detail/de/ute-mahler-und-werner-mahler-978-3-86828-499-7.html
Artists: http://www.ostkreuz.de/reportagen/photographer/ute-werner-mahler/


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