Daniel Mayrit: You Haven’t Seen Their Faces

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Color, Contemporary, Photobook

You Haven’t Seen Their Faces features portraits of powerful London financial and political figures altered to look like images taken from surveillance cameras. Winner of the 2015 edition of the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards (First Photobook).




“You Haven’t Seen Their Faces intends to appropriate the characteristics of surveillance technology in order to create a very different set of images. The subject matter however is not the usual target of surveillance cameras, but a list of the 100 most powerful people of the City of London (according to the annual report by Square Mile magazine).” (Statement from http://www.danielmayrit.com/)





“The series focuses therefore on how a given image-production system such as surveillance cameras determines the way the spectators interpret the context surrounding the images. Do we take them  in the same way when presented in a leaflet as if encountered on a different medium? Does the fact that the police assumes the authorship of the images makes it different than when the author is an artist?” (Statement from http://www.danielmayrit.com/)


Daniel Mayrit


Artist: http://www.danielmayrit.com/

Publisher: http://riot-books.com/product/you-havent-seen-their-faces


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