Beat Streuli: City

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Classic, Color, Photobook

Using a telephoto lens, Swiss artist Beat Streuli photographs unknown passers-by, mainly anonymous young people capturing their relationship to public space.


Beat Streuli-002
Beat Streuli-003
Beat Streuli-004
Beat Streuli-005

“Streuli’s art is fuelled by his interest in what moves people in large cities. He ponders urban situations, their delights and disappointments, their countless psychological states and social networks. He produces contemporary society portraits and in the making, also photographs the intense energy of the moment. The photographer submerges, as it were, in the crowd, whilst preserving some detachment from the passers-by through his telephoto lens. His pictures consciously evoke a hint of voyeurism and this consistently accompanies his perspective on people.” (Rupert Pfab in the book)

Beat Streuli-007
Beat Streuli-009
Beat Streuli-010
Beat Streuli-011
Beat Streuli-012
Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Beat Streuli


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