Miron Zownir & Kateryna Mishchenko: Ukrainische Nacht

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Black & White, Contemporary, Photobook
In 2012/13 the photographer Miron Zownir and Kateryna Mishchenko, a Ukrainian writer and translator, visited the Ukraine to explore everyday life there from its margins.

Miron Zownir-001
Miron Zownir-002
Miron Zownir-003
Miron Zownir-004
Miron Zownir-005
Miron Zownir-006
Miron Zownir-007
Miron Zownir-008
Miron Zownir-009
Miron Zownir-010
Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Miron Zownir
Photo: http://www.mironzownir.com/
Text: Kateryna Mishchenko
Publisher: http://spectorbooks.com/

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