Nobuyoshi Araki; Nan Goldin: Tokyo Love – Spring Fever 1994

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Classic, Color, Photobook

In 1994 Goldin and Araki decided to collaborate on a project about adolescents in Tokyo. They set out to capture the joys, thrills, and anxieties of youth.


Tokyo Love-002

Nan Goldin


“I came back to Tokyo in the spring of 1994 to photograph the new Japanese youth and managed to track down my own tribe. I found a household of kids who are living by the same beliefs that I did as a teenager, and who transcended any definition of hetero or homosexual”. Nan Goldin


Tokyo Love-003

Nobuyoshi Araki


Tokyo Love-004

Nan Goldin


Tokyo Love-005

Nobuyoshi Araki


Tokyo Love-006

Nan Goldin


Tokyo Love-007

Nobuyoshi Araki


“Nan has lost so many of her best friends to AIDS. I wanted her to forget these experiences along with the other sorrows of life and to take pictures in Tokyo”. Nobuyoshi Araki


Tokyo Love-008

Nan Goldin


Tokyo Love-009

Nobuyoshi Araki


Tokyo Love-010

Nan Goldin


Tokyo Love-011

Nobuyoshi Araki


Tokyo Love-012

Nan Goldin

Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Tokyo Love-001
Publisher: Scalo Publishers (October 1995)

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