Jean Baudrillard: Photographies 1985-1998

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Classic, Color, Photobook
This book presents Baudrillard´s photos together with his collected texts on the theory of photography.


Jean Baudrillard-003

Jean Baudrillard Portugal, 1990 # Sao Paolo, 1988


Jean Baudrillard-001

Jean Baudrillard New York, 1988 # Soho, 1987

Jean Baudrillard-002

Jean Baudrillard La Bocca, 1998 # Punto Final, 1997

Jean Baudrillard-004

Jean Baudrillard Sainte Beuve, 1996 # Sainte Beuve, 1997


“But the photographic event resides in the confrontation between the object and the lens, and in the violence that this confrontation provokes. The photographic act is a duel. It is a dare launched at the object and a dare of the object in return. Everything that ignores this confrontation is left to find refuge in the creation of new photographic techniques or in photography’s aesthetics. These are easier solutions.” Jean Baudrillard (


Jean Baudrillard-005

Jean Baudrillard Saintines, 1997


Jean Baudrillard-006

Jean Baudrillard Saint Clement, 1987


Jean Baudrillard-007

Jean Baudrillard Mexique, 1990 # Ericeira, 1993

Jean Baudrillard-008

Jean Baudrillard Salins, 1998

Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Jean Baudrillard-000



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