Michael Schmidt: Fotografien seit 1965 (Museum Folkwang Essen)

This book – an overview of his works up to 1995 – contains his famous project “Waffenruhe”, dealing with divided Berlin.

“In “Waffenruhe”, Schmidt achieves an unusually subjective form of expression, charged with emotion. He shows West Berlin shortly before the fall of the wall by combining portraits of youths with images of non-specific sites along the wall. As is characteristic of his work, it is the arrangement of the individual photographs — the interplay and dialogue between the multi-layered images — that gives the images their distinct meaning, revealing the correlation between historical events and individual biographies. With this aesthetic strategy, Schmidt never assigns his images a final implication, rather leaving them open for different viewers’ interpretations.” (http://www.nordenhake.com/php/artistsExhibitions.php?id=111)

# Michael Schmidt: All images from the series Waffenruhe (1985/87) #

Michael Schmidt-001
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-002
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-003
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-004
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-005
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-006
© Michael Schmidt

“I need my photos as a confirmation of that which I have experienced, that is another form than I experienced it…” (Michael Schmidt, 1992)

# Michael Schmidt: All images from the series Berlin nach 45 (1980) #

Michael Schmidt-007
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-008
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-009
© Michael Schmidt
Michael Schmidt-010
© Michael Schmidt

Please note: All images and texts are protected by Copyright and belong to the Artist.
Michael Schmidt-011

Artist: http://www.nordenhake.com/php/artist.php?RefID=70


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