Lucinda Devlin: The Omega Suites (Steidl, 2001)

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Classic, Color, Photobook

During the early 1990s, Lucinda Devlin systematically took photographs of gas chambers, injection rooms, electric chairs, and death row cells in the rural United States.



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl


“Working with a Hasselblad camera and long exposures in existing light, Devlin captured striking images of the architectural spaces in penitentiaries. Viewers are often drawn to her compositions and then repelled by the reality of the subject. The carefully composed and clinically sterile images are as objective as our preconceptions allow.” Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl



© 2001 Lucinda Devlin, Steidl




Video: Joy of Giving Something, Inc. presents an artist at work. Lucinda Devlin is a photographer based out of Indiana. (Youtube)



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