Gerard P. Fieret: Foto en copyright (Voetnoot, 2004)

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Black & White, Classic, Photobook

Artist, poet and photographer Gerard P. Fieret (1924-2009, The Hague) photographed everything around him; himself, girls, children, animals and street scenes.

Above all he photographed women during casual encounters. Frequently they are captured in candid, intimate poses, which give the work something of a voyeuristic tinge. The complex printing techniques, and businesslike copyright marks are an inextricable part of the image.












“The strength and freshness of Fieret’s photos lie in his unconventional approach to his subjects and the unusual, far from gentle methods he used to develop and print his films. Between Fieret and his subjects there seems to be little distance: he uses simple 35 mm cameras and complex, often chaotic printing techniques to create a mood of authenticity. It is a distinctive view of the world à la Fieret: his photographic images are impish and playful, but at the same time raw and confrontational. And if any doubt should remain about his authorship, it is invariably cleared up by the many felt-tip signatures and businesslike copyright marks that stress the identity of the maker. These are prominently positioned on the finished print and form an inextricable part of the image. It is not easy to avoid Fieret’s signature, especially given his constant fear that others may have pirated his individual style.”  The Hague Museum of Photography













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