Walter Pfeiffer: Cherchez la femme! (Edition Patrick Frey, 2007)

Gathering more than 100 portraits of women by Walter Pfeiffer, most of them being published for the first time, this books shows a new facette to Walter Pfeiffer’s rich oeuvre.








“Clever and elegant, Walter Pfeiffer’s photographs elude classification and create a world of their own, thereby suspending the viewer between the being and seeming. The photographs spurn the indexical gesture of documentary photography, invested, as it is, with solemn intensity and mired in the delusion of a one-to-one rendition of reality. However, they are equally wary of wallowing indiscriminately in the phantasmagoria featured in the elaborately staged photography of recent years. Instead, Pfeiffer’s recent pictures are utopian variations on reality that undercut the blunt documentary assertion of factuality with the narrative ‘once upon a time’ of a fairy tale.” Martin Jaeggi in the book












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