Sarah Moon: Now and Then ( Kehrer Verlag, 2016)

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Black & White, Classic, Color, Photobook

With a special focus on the film works, for the first time ever the oeuvre of the photographer Sarah Moon was presented as a retrospective in the House of Photography at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.The exhibition was accompanied by this catalog published by Kehrer Verlag, edited by Ingo Taubhorn and Brigitte Woischnik with a preface by Dirk Luckow as well as texts by José Chidlovsky, Magali Jauffret, Duane Michals, Sarah Moon, Ilona Suschitzky, Ingo Taubhorn and Barbara Vinken.







“Sarah Moon disturbs the viewer. She jolts him or her out of the space of ordered identity into a time of discord and chaotic difference. The content of each individual picture is uncertain. Time and space become blurred. The pictorial structure and composition are ambiguous, irregular and fragmentary. The sharpness is often reduced, details, surfaces and color values are changed, a gray fog is added. The shots processed by the artist thus reflect her painterly and graphic imagination and give pictures the appearance of an emerging or fading memory” Ingo Taubhorn and Brigitte Woischnik (exhibition curators)








Publisher: Kehrer Verlag


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